Youth Almighty Project

Meet the Team


Joanne Laverick

Project Manager

Joanne has overall responsibility for the organisation. Joanne oversees the day to day running of Youth Almighty Project, while ensuring that the young people are in a safe environment, and that the project meets their identified need.

Phil Tye - Designated Safeguarding Lead ensuring that young people and the wider community who access the centre are safe and protected when accessing different provision.

Lead Worker/Qualified Youth Worker (Volunteer)

Phil is a Qualified Youth Worker who dedicates his time ensuring young people and the wider community have access to opportunities.


Andy Laverick

Lead Worker/Qualified Youth Worker

Andy is an enthusiastic, contentious qualified Youth Worker. Andy has a wealth of experience, planning and delivering innovative and challenging youth work sessions for young people.



Sophie Clinton

Community Helper/Youth Worker

Sophie's role as the 'Community Helper' is to support those in the local community realise their full potential. Sophie has developed the role to support individuals access employment opportunities by taking a holistic approach.

As a qualified youth worker, Sophie works a number of different youth work sessions, bringing experience and enthusiasm to young peoples informal learning experiences.




Shelley Fowler

Qualified Youth Worker

Shelley is a dedicated, qualified youth worker who has much experience working with young people of all ages.

Shelley has responsibility for projects that look to tackle social isolation by re-connecting people with their local community.

Dale Watson

Youth Worker

Dale is a youth worker who has a wealth of experience working with young people and the wider community. Dale is also a qualified social worker which brings added safeguarding experience to the team. Qualified to deliver a number of sport orientated activities this allows for a more diverse package of opportunity for those using Youth Almighty Project.


Jevan Kirton

Peer Educator

Jevan brings a different dimension to Youth Almighty Project by incorporating his experience in fitness and exercise into activities with young people.



Sue Clinton

Building Supervisor

Sue has been the building supervisor for our sites in Sunderland for a number of years and therefore understands the needs of our different buildings in order to deliver quality outcomes to the community.


Natasha Lawson

Peer Educator




Josh Dunn

Apprentice Sports Coach

Josh is our new apprentice, joining us with huge insight of young people, he has many personal achievents including winning at the Special Olympics 2017, a young achievers award in 2012 and Student of the Year at College.



Dianne Bowden

Volunteer Youth Worker

Dianne is a volunteer youth worker who is very enthusiastic in her approach to getting the best for young people and the wider community.

Carol Tye


Carol is a Volunteer


Kev Cummings

Volunteer Youth Worker

Kev is a volunteer youth worker with many years experience in a number of different settings. Kev is passionate about young people being able to empower themselves and displays this in the sessions he delivers.

Dorothy Hicks


Dorothy is a Volunteer

Joan McKitterick


Joan is a Volunteer


Olivia Shaw